8 Moments From YouTube Videos That Will Make You Feel Embarrassed

8 Moments From YouTube Videos That Will Make You Feel Embarrassed

If you’re looking for embarrassing videos to add to your YouTube repertoire, look no further! Here are eight of the most cringe-worthy clips from recent YouTube offerings.

1. This kid’s hilarious attempt at lip syncing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.
2. This young woman’s disastrous attempt at a dance routine is so bad, it’s almost comical.
3. This elderly gentleman displays his surprisingly inept skills at playing the violin in this amusing video.
4. In this hilarious video, a young woman tries (and fails) to do a cartwheel for the first time ever.
5. This hilarious prank takes advantage of unsuspecting friends and family members – be prepared for some serious embarrassment when you watch it!
6. In this heartwarming video, a terminally ill child gets the surprise of a lifetime when she is gifted an ice cream truck full of her favorite treats by her friends and family.
7. Another funny prank video involves friends hiding objects inside other people’s clothing – be prepared for plenty of laughs when you watch it!
8. Finally, in this touching tribute to his late mother, a young man sings an emotional version of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” on stage – be sure to shed a few tears along with him!

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1. A young girl is singing a karaoke classic in a very off-key way.

2. A person is blatantly lip syncing to a song while doing their makeup in the mirror.

3. An awkward conversation between two friends that went too far.

4. A hilarious prank that backfires hilariously.

5. A cringe-worthy attempt at vlogging that ends up being really terrible.

6. An unexpected public performance by a favorite singer or musician.

7. A truly disturbing video that will make you rethink your everyday life choices.

8. A heartwarming story of perseverance and friendship that will bring a smile to your face.

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1. The time a toddler starts dancing to Justin Bieber.

2. When your dad tries to sing along to Taylor Swift and ends up sounding like a kook.

3. That one time you tried to do the Harlem Shake at a party and everyone got sick of it within minutes.

4. When your grandma starts reciting affirmations from The Secret in front of the entire family.

5. When your friends start making fun of your new haircut and you can’t help but feel embarrassed every time you see them.

6. When that super embarrassing outfit you wore to the bar last night comes back up on YouTube… again.

7. That awkward moment when you forget the words to the national anthem, and have to wing it.

8. The time you were so embarrassed during your school play that you had to hide in the bathroom until it was over.

Check your youtube trending location to see if you’re being exposed to embarrassing content.

If you’re not sure how to check your trending location, don’t worry – we’ll show you how. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Open the YouTube app and tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner

2. Scroll down and tap on ‘Settings’

3. Tap on ‘General’

4. Scroll down to ‘Location’ and tap on it

5. Make sure that your location is set to ‘Off’. If it’s not, simply toggle the switch to turn it off.


Now that you know how to check your trending location, make sure to do so regularly – especially if you’re worried about being exposed to embarrassing content!

If you are, change your location to a more appropriate one.


This is not the place to be discussing personal issues. If you are looking for support, there are many other forums and websites that can offer assistance. This website is primarily for business networking.

Remember, your privacy is important on YouTube, so be careful about what you share.


When you create a YouTube account, you’ll be asked to create a username and password. Your username is public, but your password is private. You can also choose to sign up with your Google Account.


If you use your Google Account to sign in, you’ll be asked to give YouTube permission to access your information. This includes your name, email address, age range, gender, and country. You can edit this information at any time in your account settings.


Your privacy is important on YouTube which is why it’s important to be aware of what you’re sharing when you create an account and sign in. Be sure to review your account settings periodically to make sure that your information is still accurate and that you’re only sharing the amount of information that you’re comfortable with.

If something makes you feel embarrassed, don’t hesitate to tell a friend or family member. They’ll probably understand.


It can be really tough to deal with feeling embarrassed. You might feel like you’re the only one who feels this way, but trust me – you’re not. Everyone experiences embarrassment at some point in their lives.


If you’re feeling embarrassed about something, talk to a friend or family member about it. They’ll probably be understanding and could even offer some helpful advice. Sometimes it helps to just get things off your chest.