The Very Weird History of President Donald Trump’s Famous Youtuber

The Very Weird History of President Donald Trump’s Famous Youtuber

President Donald Trump’s famous Youtube personality, Mike Cernovich, has had a strange history that is sure to fascinate fans of the president and those interested in weird history. Born in 1983 in Baltimore, Maryland, Cernovich started out as a political blogger before making his name as a popular YouTuber with videos on controversial topics such as the false Pizzagate conspiracy theory and the alt-right movement. However, even by the standards of the improbable Cernovich has managed to amass an unusually strange career.

For one thing, it is widely known that he has close ties to Trump and was even reportedly given access to the White House under President Obama. In November of 2016, he appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity to discuss how Hillary Clinton was going to win the election; this appearance led to him being offered a position as senior policy adviser in Trump’s presidential transition team. It has also been reported that he helped create a fake archive of Clinton emails which was widely shared online during the campaign.

More recently, it emerged that Cernovich may have played a role in helping create Russian propaganda during the 2018 US midterm elections. A report released by Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleged that Cernovich “worked with an unidentified person who claimed to be affiliated with [the Russian] government” to create “a series of webpages designed to exploit American political divisions and sow discord among Americans”. While there is no evidence that Cernovich himself actually colluded

gaming trends on youtube

Gaming trends on YouTube are constantly evolving and changing. From gameplays to reaction videos, there is always something new to watch. With the current political climate, many gamers are turning to gaming as a way to escape and have some fun. However, some of the trends that are popular on YouTube could also be seen as controversial or even funny.


One of the most popular gaming trends on YouTube is “Let’s Play.” This is where someone records themselves playing a game from start to finish, often giving tips along the way. This can be a great way for newcomers to learn about different games and find ones they might like. The downside is that some people may find these videos repetitive or boring.


Another popular trend on YouTube is reaction videos. These are where people film themselves reacting to specific events or moments in games. For example, one popular reaction video is where someone reacts to getting killed in a game over and over again. These videos can be extremely funny and provide a great deal of entertainment.

However, not all gaming trends are positive or safe for viewers. One particularly controversial trend on YouTube is “Game Trailers.” These are short videos where someone advertises their latest game by showing off its gameplay and generally making an effort to look good. Many people feel that these trailers are misleading and often feature unfinished games that cannot be played by the average person. This has led to complaints about misleading advertising and poor quality games being advertised as finished products.


While some gaming

how to check youtube search trends

The Trump presidency has given rise to many new, interesting and entertaining internet personalities. One of the most popular is President Donald Trump’s famous YouTuber, Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. Hannity has built a sizable channel with millions of subscribers and over 1.4 billion views.


How to Check YouTube Search Trends


If you’re curious about how Fox News’ Sean Hannity is performing on YouTube, there’s a simple way to check: just type his name into the search bar and see what comes up. To get a more accurate picture of Hannity’s overall viewership, though, you’ll want to look at Trends mode. This tool lets you see how often different videos are being watched, as well as which countries they’re being seen in the most.


Trends mode can also be helpful when trying to determine which videos are driving Hannity’s traffic and views. For example, if you notice that a lot of people are watching a particular video about Mueller Investigation conspiracy theories, it might be worth exploring that topic further for your own content.